Tip-of-the-tongue? Lookup words from their definitions.


Ever had that problem when you know of the concept yet cannot recall the word? Thesaurus is a usually pretty poor solution, because it's built to link individual words to each other, instead of definitions to words. This reverse dictionary is indexed by the definitions. This enables us to lookup words simply from a rough description.

The dictionary was loaded from WordNet through NLTK and TextBlob. It utilizes Tf-idf implemented by Elasticsearch to match definitions to their words.

More details are available at my complimenary blog post.


Demo is currently down to conserve expenses. Contact me if you'd like to turn it on.


The Python code is available on Github. It contains the library, CLI, and this basic web service. Details of how to use run each implementation are documented in



Please don't hesitate to contact me on how to improve ReverseDict.
I am also available for contract work.