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Data Scientist + Engineer


Who I am

I'm a data engineer-turned-scientist. My professional experiences range across data engineering, microservices, search engines, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. My weapon of choice is Python.


Some cool projects I've worked / am working on


Tool for looking up words from their definitions


Predictive analytics for social marketing content


Social analytics for Chinese language and market


A printer-friendly CV

  • 2018-


    Machine Learning Engineer

    • Lead a team of data analysts, scientists, and engineers
    • Collaborated with product team to determine minimum viable solutions to complex problems
    • Designed and prototyped machine learning solutions for job recommendation
    • Automated data pipeline for email digests
    • Developed methods to tailor relevant newsfeed contents
    • Expanded capabilities of comparative experiments

  • 2016-18

    Parallel Labs

    VP of Engineering

    • Lead team of four data scientists and engineers
    • Designed and developed data pipeline to process news articles in real time
    • Designed deep learning models through Keras on Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, and SpaCy

  • 2015-16

    Self-employed Contractor

    Data Scientist / Engineer

    • Created analytics dashboard for platform user activities with Django, Elasticsearch, and D3.js
    • Developed microservice with predictive data model using Flask and Scikit-learn
    • Developed backend RESTful API for dating application with scalable matching algorithm using Python and MongoDB

  • 2014-15


    Data Engineer

    • Architected data pipeline for processing over 500M data points a day with Python and Redis Queue
    • Created RESTful realtime reporting API using Flask, Aerospike, and Amazon Redshift
    • Developed web application for analyzing Facebook and Instagram marketing contents with Python, Redis Queue, and MongoDB
    • Developed an MVP within 2 weeks for company pivot during TechStars Accelerator program
    • Supported existing mobile advertisement web application in Django and MongoDB
    • Enriched raw mobile data with external information

  • 2013-14

    Applied AI

    Data Scientist

    • Developed MVP through rapid iterations using Python and NLP technology
    • Consulted as NLP and machine learning specialist
    • Determined technical requirements from business requirements

  • 2012-13


    Founder, CTO

    • Managed product development, determined success requirements, and conducted necessary market research
    • Developed proprietary NLP and machine learning engine for analyzing the Chinese language in Python
    • Developed web application for delivering social intelligence using Flask, CouchDB, and D3.js
    • Created infrastructure to acquire and process Weibo (Chinese Twitter) data
    • Engage with sales prospects and support existing clients as technical consult
    • Represented the team in conferences and media
    • Onboarded and trained new hires

  • 2010-12



    • Developed public facing RESTful search API in C# .NET and RabbitMQ
    • Maintained and upgraded web scraping framework for acquiring travel data in Python and PostgreSQL
    • Created and updated scrapers in Python for individual airline websites. Support production web scraper pool in CentOS

  • 2009-10

    University of Edinburgh

    MSc, Artificial Intelligence, Learning from Data

    • Finalist for 2010 Scottish Institute for Enterprise New Idea Competition in Science, Engineering, Technology category
    • Learned and developed in Prolog for the MSc dissertation
    • Dissertation in Experience Sharing for Ontology Repair System

  • 2007-09

    Hewlett Packard

    Software Engineer

    • Automated tests for Window based application
    • Built test cases for testing web vulnerability scanner using C# .NET
    • Supported internal procurement web application with Java

  • 2003-07

    Pennsylvania State University, University Park

    BSc, Information Science and Techology, Design and Development