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Data + ML Engineer


Who I am

Ken Hu

I'm a data + machine learning engineer. My professional experiences range across data engineering, microservices, search engines, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. My weapon of choice is Python.

For my previous startup, I've built a social analytics product with a bespoke NLP engine to analyze the Chinese social media. It would collect the social conversations surround a keyword and determine the prevailing emotions.


Some cool projects I've worked / am working on


Tool for looking up words from their definitions


Open source Python library for timezone handling


Predictive analytics for social marketing content


Social analytics for Chinese language and market


A printer-friendly CV

  • 2016-

    Self Employed

    Data Engineer

    • Created analytics dashboard for platform user activities with Django, Elasticsearch, and D3.js
    • Developed microservice with predictive data model using Flask, Numpy, and Scikit-learn
    • Developed backend RESTful API for dating application with scalable matching algorithm using Python and MongoDB

  • 2014-15


    Data Engineer

    • Architected data pipeline for processing over 500M data points a day with Python and Redis Queue
    • Created RESTful realtime reporting API using Flask, Aerospike, and Amazon Redshift
    • Developed web application for analyzing Facebook and Instagram marketing contents with Python, Redis Queue, and MongoDB
    • Developed an MVP within 2 weeks for company pivot during TechStars Accelerator program
    • Supported existing mobile advertisement web application in Django and MongoDB
    • Enriched raw mobile data with external information

  • 2013-14

    Applied AI

    Data Scientist

    • Developed MVP through rapid iterations using Python and NLP technology
    • Consulted as NLP and machine learning specialist
    • Determined technical requirements from business requirements

  • 2012-13


    Founder, CTO

    • Managed product development, determined success requirements, and conducted necessary market research
    • Developed proprietary NLP and machine learning engine for analyzing the Chinese language in Python
    • Developed web application for delivering social intelligence using Flask, CouchDB, and D3.js
    • Created infrastructure to acquire and process Weibo (Chinese Twitter) data
    • Engage with sales prospects and support existing clients as technical consult
    • Represented the team in conferences and media
    • Onboarded and trained new hires

  • 2010-12



    • Developed public facing RESTful search API in C# .NET and RabbitMQ
    • Maintained and upgraded web scraping framework for acquiring travel data in Python and PostgreSQL
    • Created and updated scrapers in Python for individual airline websites. Support production web scraper pool in CentOS

  • 2009-10

    University of Edinburgh

    MSc, Artificial Intelligence, Learning from Data

    • Finalist for 2010 Scottish Institute for Enterprise New Idea Competition in Science, Engineering, Technology category
    • Learned and developed in Prolog for the MSc dissertation
    • Dissertation in Experience Sharing for Ontology Repair System

  • 2007-09

    Hewlett Packard

    Software Engineer

    • Automated tests for Window based application
    • Built test cases for testing web vulnerability scanner using C# .NET
    • Supported internal procurement web application with Java

  • 2003-07

    Pennsylvania State University, University Park

    BSc, Information Science and Techology, Design and Development


I am also an illustrator, publishing as Bacon Illustrated


Let's work togther!

I am available for contract or collaboration. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or requests!